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History of Colonial Wall Linings

In 1998, David Proberts and his Uncle Mike were inspecting hardwood decking that Mike had imported from New Guinea, stored at HF Palmer & Sons depot, Northgate. Dave recognised the people making MDF VJ sheeting on a Giben N32 beam saw in an adjacent workshop. After reacquainting himself, Dave agreed to start selling their product […]

Health & Safety Information for Users

WOOD PANELS PRODUCT Ingredients               Wood fibre or particles and heat cured resin. Risk                            Dust and smoke from this product are irritating to eyes, skin and respiratory system. May cause sensitisation by inhalation (asthma) and skin contact (dermatitis). Repeated inhalation of the dust increases the risk of nasal cavity cancer and may increase the risk of […]

What’s a Queenslander?

  Circa mid 1800’s, an innovative building design emerged in and around Brisbane. This design used local, readily available building materials. These materials consisted of local hardwoods (eucalypts) and softwoods (hoop pine). The typical Queenslander was raised on timber stumps, creating air flow to keep the inside cool and raising the construction above flood prone […]

How we make our mouldings

How do we make our Primed MR (Moisture Resistant) MDF Mouldings? At our Crockford Street facility in Northgate (on the north side of Brisbane), we specialise in the manufacture of Primed Moisture Resistant (MR) MDF Mouldings in addition to our wall sheeting. Our raw materials for MDF mouldings manufacture are sourced from companies that manufacture […]

Installation Guide – VJ Sheeting for Wall and Ceiling Linings

Installation Guide – VJ Sheeting for Walls and Ceiling Linings STORAGE Sheets must be stored flat, kept clear of the floor and supported by bearers of uniform height and spaced at maximum 600mm centres. INSTALLATION WALLS Sheets should be delivered 48 hours prior to installation. Never expose the sheets to water or excessive moisture. Sheets must not […]

MDF myth busted

There has been a lot of misinformation “around the traps” about the use of MDF. THE FACTS: What is “MR” MDF? Moisture Resistant Medium Density Fibreboard MR MDF is made from reconstituted wood fibre, generally from pine log plantations, thinnings, off cuts, melamine-urea formaldehyde resin and wax. Contrary to frequent discussions and beliefs, MDF is […]