There has been a lot of misinformation “around the traps” about the use of MDF.


What is “MR” MDF?

Moisture Resistant Medium Density Fibreboard

MR MDF is made from reconstituted wood fibre, generally from pine log plantations, thinnings, off cuts, melamine-urea formaldehyde resin and wax.

Contrary to frequent discussions and beliefs, MDF is not banned or prohibited from its use anywhere in the world. In fact Australian MDF plants now produce MDF with EO emission levels.

How is it Made ?

On a recent visit to a MDF manufacture plant we saw first hand the process from log to finished board.
Bark is stripped from the log; it then goes through a series of chipping, moisture extraction processes to be come dried fibre as “thin as the hair on your head”. From there it is blended, mixed and rolled, pressed, dried, sanded and cut to size.

What is it used for?

MR MDF is ideal for wall and ceiling lining, skirtings, architraves, cornices, picture rails, belt rails, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and in internal areas where humidity, dampness and occasional water contact occurs.

What we have done.

Colonial Wall linings recently commissioned specialised machinery to produce our mouldings. Our core range of profiles is Colonial/Heritage based to compliment our VJ Wall Linings Range. We also produce a large range of modern profiles, popular with builders.

We’ve done our own dunking of MR MDF mouldings samples into water and are extremely satisfied by the results.

We will always strive to provide a prompt and efficient Service.

Drop into our workshop and showroom at 180 Crockford Street, Northgate and inspect our range. You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive our stylish mouldings are. If you’re time poor, download our product brochure here and request more info by emailing or calling us.