Bolection Mould

Bolection Mould. Also referred to as Bolection Moulding, Bolection Mould, Bolection Molding, Bolection Trim, Wainscot Molding, Belt Rail Moulding, Chair Rail Moulding, Dado Rail Moulding.

Available in primed.

42 x 16CWLPMBM4216

Bolection is a profiled moulding that first appeared in the latter part of the 17th century and fashionable french interiors throughout 18th century — commonly used as a decorative moulding to define ornate and intricately carved wood panelling or Boiserie.

Bolection profiles adorned wall panels, door frames, cupboards and shelves. Mirrors and Paintings were centrally framed by bolection on walls, above the fireplace mantelpiece and even above doorways.

Traditionally a Bolection Molding is rebated on the underside, usually hiding the transition between the outer frame and inset panel. The moulding affixed to the upper frame allows floating panels to be held in place while accounting for expansion and contraction with changing temperature and humidity.

Today, Bolection Moulding is used to create decorative wall features and framed panel or Wainscoting panelling. Applied to the lower part of interior walls Wainscoting is topped with a decorative dado rail also known as a chair rail.