VJ Sheeting – VJ Wall and VJ Ceiling Linings

Colonial Wall Linings are suppliers of MR (Moisture-Resistant) MDF VJ Sheeting – VJ Wall Linings, VJ Ceiling Panels and Manufacturers of MR (Moisture-Resistant) MDF Colonial Mouldings.

We source our MDF from Australian MDF plants (Mainly Queensland, News South Wales and Victoria.) These plants source their pine from Sustainable, renewable plantations.

Our VJ Sheeting Wall Panels and Ceiling Panel Linings are available in either a “VJ” or “Traditional Beaded” profile.

A Traditional  “Tongue & Groove” system is used as the sheet join in our raw sheeting, and a plastic joiner for the primed product, our most popular.

By using panels instead of single boards, installation is quicker and more economical.

Full or dado height “VJ” walls make for a pleasant change to non-descript plasterboard walls giving a classic aesthetic appeal.

Colonial Wall Lining MDF VJ panels are available in a raw or primed finishes, in standard 100mm & 150mm centres or special grooved centres.

Our range of MR MDF Mouldings compliment our sheets.

VJ Profile

EO (e-zero) Moisture Resistant Medium Density Fibre Board (EO MR MDF) sheets are profile cut with a “V” groove. The “V” groove resembles the vertical joint “VJ” between traditional tongue and groove boards found in  Queenslander homes.

Traditional Beaded Profile

EO (e-zero) Moisture Resistant Medium Density Fibre Board (EO MR MDF) sheets are profile cut with a small “pencil round” bead with vertical edges replicating wall linings from circa (1880 – 1920).

Sheets are available in these sizes

Colonial Wall Linings wall and ceiling sheets with standard 100mm and 150mm centres.

Sheets are 9mm thick at 1200mm wide in lengths from 900mm to 5400mm for 100mm Centres and 2400, 3000 & 3600mm in 150mm Centres.

Sheets are available Raw or Primed. (4500mm & 5400mm are primed only)

Height x Width x Thickness mm
900 x 1200 x 9RAVJ0912PRVJ0912
1200 x 1200 x 9RAVJ1212PRVJ1212
2400 x 1200 x 9RAVJ2412PRVJ2412
2700 x 1200 x 9RAVJ2712PRVJ2712
3000 x 1200 x 9RAVJ3012PRVJ3012
3300 x 1200 x 9RAVJ3312PRVJ3312
3600 x 1200 x 9RAVJ3612PRVJ3612
4500 x 1200 x 9PRVJ4512
5400 x 1200 x 9PRVJ5412
150mm Centres
Height x Width x Thickness mm
VJ SheetsTraditional Beaded Sheets
2400 x 1200 x 9PRVJ15024PRTB15024
3000 x 1200 x 9PRVJ15030PRTB15030
3600 x 1200 x 9PRVJ15036PRTB15036