MDF VJ and Traditional Beaded Ceiling Linings

MDF VJ or Traditional Beaded ceiling linings, by their nature, require more prep than MDF VJ wall linings.

The 9mm MR (moisture resistant) or 9mm HMR (highly moisture resistant) MDF weighs 7.5kg per square metre.

Colonial Wall Linings provide an overview of installation instructions/health and safety information with every consignment.

VJ Paneling Lounge

Ceiling Linings – Preparation

All backs and fresh cut ends of MDF VJ ceiling linings must be sealed prior to installation.

Ceiling Linings – Installation

Sheets must be fixed to metal/timber battens at 400mm maximum centres.

Sheets must be kept a minimum 10mm clear of walls, verandah plates and perimeter beams etc.

A quality polyurethane adhesive must be used in conjunction with mechanical fixings.  Apply adhesive using a continuous 6mm bead snaked side-to-side on the face of the ceiling battens.

When using finishing gun pins, they must be shot at an angle in crosshatched pairs at 300mm centres along the batten lines.

Ceiling Linings – Coating and Maintenance

All Primed products supplied have been coated with premium-quality base-coat preparation supplied by Akzo Nobel.

A quality location-specific paint product must be applied immediately after installation.  It is important to remove the dust from the “Vs” and “Beads” to ensure satisfactory finish in these areas.

For detailed advice on surface preparation, coating, product suitability and general coating practice, always refer to the coating manufacturer’s instructions/specifications prior to application.

The selection, application and maintenance of coatings is the responsibility of building owners and the professionals that they engage.  For advice on specific coating products and their suitability for use on MDF VJ Ceiling Linings, always refer to the coating manufacturer’s specifications.

It is important to note, regardless of the internal lining selected, there will always be a level of coating maintenance required to ensure the lining material is sufficiently coated and maintains the desired appearance.

Colonial Wall Linings will always strive to provide accurate information regarding our MDF products.

For more detailed information, please contact our office on 07 3266 4324.