MDF Movement / Gaps

As with solid timber, MR E0 MDF VJ & Traditional Beaded Wall & Ceiling Linings take up and lose moisture, based on relative humidity. As the moisture content of the product changes, dimensional changes can be expected.

Many variables can affect the performance of MR E0 MDF VJ & Traditional Beaded Wall & Ceiling Linings.

Stabilising moisture content (it’s ALL about the prep!) plays a very important role in achieving good long-term results from our products.

Our standard information leaflet (which is included with every consignment) gives an overview of installation.

Never brickwork-pattern ceiling panels. Where the ceiling dimension exceeds the maximum sheet length of 5400mm, use the sheet join as an expansion joint & cover with a suitable moulding, keeping the join out of eye line.

In a low humidity environment, it’s important to allow for expansion when humidity rises.

When installing our MR E0 MDF VJ & Traditional Beaded Wall & Ceiling Linings, feeler-guage a 1mm gap between the panels.

Leave 2 – 3mm gaps in the internal corners.

  • either cover with our Internal Corner Trim Moulding
  • a neat vertical rip may only be needed using a paintable, quality mastic line to finish.

Better quality gap sealants are recommended (similar to Hiflex 60 available from Adheseal Ph 3356 0000).

Generic / budget gap fillers are not recommended.

Colonial Wall Linings always strive to provide accurate information to our customers.

For more technical advice, please contact our office on 3266 4324.