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How we make our mouldings

How do we make our Primed MR (Moisture Resistant) MDF Mouldings?

At our Crockford Street facility in Northgate (on the north side of Brisbane), we specialise in the manufacture of Primed Moisture Resistant (MR) MDF Mouldings in addition to our wall sheeting.

Our raw materials for MDF mouldings manufacture are sourced from companies that manufacture their board from managed and renewable plantation pine and are Australian Forestry Standard chain of custody certified (COC). (Refer to our previous article “Myth Busted“)

Click here to see how the manufacturing process begins at an MDF plant.

The full size panels for moulding manufacture arrive in 5400 x 1200mm sheets.

MDF MR Raw MR MDF VJ Sheeting


Our computerised beam saw is then loaded with its cutting program in order to maximise recovery.

Computerised Beam Cutter MDF VJ Beam saw MDF VJ

Our wood machinist, Emmet is highly skilled in his craft and his focus is the production of our mouldings so that our clients are fully satisfied with our high quality products.

Skirting MDF Architrave  Skirting MDF Mouldings

When required, we meet with our client to discuss their sample or design and quote the job accordingly.

From this point, our client has a quote, production schedule and the confidence (after meeting Emmet) in knowing that their order will be processed professionally.

The Weinig five-head moulder is then set up to run the finished profile. We run our moulder at approximately 13 – 15 lineal metres per minute feed rate. At this speed, we can assure our clients of a high quality finish.Weinig Moulder

 Mouldings MR MDF Skirting  MR MDF Skirting Mouldings

MR MDF Mouldings VJ

The mouldings are then primed. The priming process involves the application of a ready coat primer, supplied by Akzo Nobel. The coating has been specifically formulated for our MDF Mouldings and every consignment received is identical. This guarantees a consistent quality finish. You can download the MSDS here.

Primed MR MDF Skirting

The process then involves the brush head sanding (denibbing) of our mouldings. Four brushed sander heads are set in width and height to suit the size of the moulding being sanded.

Sander MDF Moulding Skirting Board Primed MR MDF Colonial Skirting

pre finished mdf skirting board

skirting board