Belt Rail Moulding

Belt Rail Moulding. Also referred to as Chair Rail Moulding, Dado Rail Moulding, Wainscot Molding, Wainscoting Belt Rail Moulding.

68 x 12CWLPMBR6812
68 x 18CWLPMBR6818
90 x 18CWLPMBR9018

Queenslanders are a type of dwelling produced in the 1920 and 1930s. Ashgrovian is the term coined for a variation of the Queenslander built in the Brisbane suburb Ashgrove.

The traditional Queenslander home has very high ceilings ranging from 2700mm to 3200mm. Vertical hardwood VJ Boards line the walls. Internal rooms have finished wall surfaces while the reverse, usually the hallway, has exposed structural timbers.

A structural beam of solid hardwood 40mm thick to 110mm high called a Belt Rail installed at approximately 1800mm high, helped keep the VJ Wall Boards straight over such heights. A profiled Belt Rail enhances the visual appeal of the otherwise dull structural appearance.

In most modern Queenslander renovations, both sides of the wall are battened and lined with VJ Sheeting; hiding electrical wires, plumbing and wall insulation. Today a non-structural Belt Rail maintains the traditional look of a Queenslander. The Belt Rail serves the same purpose of the Dado Rail or Chair Rail, providing a visual decoration on the wall to replicate traditional old-world charm.