Picture Rail Moulding

Picture Rail Moulding. Also referred to as Picture Rail Molding, Picture Rail, Picture Rail Profile.

Available in Raw and Primed.

42 x 18CWLFJPPR4218
68 x 18CWLFJPPR6818
59 x 30CWLFJPPR5930

Picture hanging became popular during the Victorian period of the 19th century. The idea of picture hanging dates back to the 15th century. Hanging pictures from moveable hooks that did not mark the wall surface.

Around 1840’s picture rails or picture moulding became familiar with wealthy and middle classes. Showcasing paintings, framed artworks, mirrors and even ornate china plates.

The Picture Rail is a horizontal decorative wood trim most often placed high on the wall below the cornice coving or crown moulding.

During the Victorian era, the picture rails placed at the height of the window and door heads created a decorative band between the picture rail and the ceiling called a frieze. The frieze often received a decorative embellishment.

Picture rail hanging consist of consisting of hooks and picture wire. Modern versions of the picture rail hanging method are prevalent in modern galleries and real estate widow display boards.

Whether your working on a historical restoration or a modern house with a classic appeal – the picture rail can be a stylish addition. Picture rails appear in hallways, formal sitting rooms, foyers, rooms with wallpaper or unique wall treatments.