Wainscoting Belt Rail Moulding

Wainscoting Belt Rail Moulding. Also referred to as Wainscot Molding, Belt Rail Moulding, Chair Rail Moulding, Dado Rail Moulding.

Available in Primed.

90 x 18CWLPMWR9018
68 x 18CWLPMWR6818

Wainscoting wall panelling became popular during the Victorian period of the 18th and 19th century. With origins dating back to the late 1500s — the term wainscot referees to an excellent grade of oak imported for woodwork. By the 17th century, wainscot became a verb Wainscoting referring to wood panelling applied to a wall.

Developed initially to insulate and make rooms in stone buildings more comfortable. By the 18th century, the style of wood panelling changed from floor-to-ceiling to covering the lower portion of the wall. Traditionally constructed of tongue-and-groove boards, beaded-board or decorative panels. Wainscoting fame and panelling sat above the skirting board crowned with a Wainscoting belt rail (Dado Rail or Chair Rail).

In addition Wainscoting became a way of protecting walls in high traffic areas; entryways, stairways and hallways. French Boiserie wood panelling, in particular, was very ornate and intricately carved.

Today Wainscotings purpose is purely decorative and serves to break the visual wall space. This decorative element can add flair to many décor styles and ultramodern makeovers.

At Colonial Wall Linings we supply a range of VJ wall sheetsbeaded boardBelt Rail, Wainscoting Belt Rail, Dado Rail, Chair Rail and Bolection to create your Wainscoting masterpiece.